Here’s a list of some projects I participated in. Of course, this list is not complete at all. But the ones listed here are probably the biggest projects.

Cadenza (working title)

Status: Under development

This project’s goal is to create a fresh intuitive learning platform for musical theory on the web. I’m working together with a friend of mine, who is a student of education in music. He is responsible for the content, while I am focussing on the technical realization, using ASP.Net, HTML5, Javascript.

World of Amsi

Status: Under development

Current Action: Upgrade from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11

This is a project I’ve been working on since I began to study. It is a strategy / economy simulation where your task is to lead an ants people to growth and power. I don’t know, how the game will look like when it’s finished. There was not really a plan when I began to develop it, nor is there one now. It is just a project that develops step by step. Whenever I have some cool ideas that could be worth trying out, I include them in the project. I’ll post some screenshots when the upgrade is finished.


Status: Prototype completed and forwarded to other team


KASim is a research project of the Chair for computer graphics and visualization with the goal to interactively investigate effects of nozzle based cleaning systems. I support the project leader by developing smaller portions of the project. KASim is developed with C++ and DirectX 11.


Status: finished

This project is the result of a practical course at university. The aim is to control a laser by pointing somewhere with your arms. The laser is mounted on a pan/tilt platform that can be moved with servo motors. The user is tracked by a Kinect. The Kinect and laser systems have to be calibrated against each other which is performed through non linear least squares optimization (in our case with ten degrees of freedom).

LaserNect is developed with native C++ and has a WPF GUI.

SlimDX SpriteTextureRenderer

Status: finished


This project came into being while developing World of Amsi. While in DirectX 9 there is pretty good support for rendering 2D sprites and text, in DirectX 11 there is nothing comparable. So I decided to create a library for exactly this task. The result can be downloaded from codeplex.


Status: finished

Boxxi is a project that was developed in a practical course at university in a team of twelve developers. It is a server based document management tool with focus on analyzing documents (e.g. semantic search) and collaboration. The project consists of a web client, an android client and a backend. The backend is the part I worked at and is programmed with Java.


Status: finished

UbiNect is a system for creating prototypes for ubiquitous systems with the Microsoft Kinect. It is delivered as a dll and includes components to recognize gestures, surfaces in space and a lot more. With this library it is possible to create prototype programs without having to care for recognition stuff and without the need for expensive hardware. The project was developed in a team of 8 people during a practical course at the chair for Software Engineering of Ubiquitous Systems and will probably be introduced in a paper.


Status: finished


TAVIAS is a tool for assessing and visualizing input artifacts’ suitability. It is developed by the chair for Information Systems at Dresden Technical University. I was responsible for realizing the project as you see it. Design did not play a big role in this project because it was only supposed to be kind of a prototype. Actually… If you want, go check it out.


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