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Simulating perfect parallel parking

Several years ago, there were some publications about perfect parallel parking, e.g. “Requirements for a perfect s-shaped parallel parking manoeuvre in a simple mathematical model.” (Rebecca Hoyle, 2003) or “Ein mathematisches Modell zum Parallelparken” (Norbert Herrmann, 2003). They concluded that the ideal strategy for perfect parking is to drive as close as possible next to […]

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Smooth random motions with differentiable random providers

Real-world movements are restricted by the laws of physics. E.g, body is required to move in a continuous motion without any sudden jumps. When modelling NPCs, a realistic movement is essential. Furthermore, mostly is is desirable for the NPC to move randomly. Most programming languages include random number generators, sometimes even for pre-defined probability distributions. […]

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Starting a blog

Hi there, today I start my own blog. So what will this blog be about? Unlike many other blogs this one is not going to contain personal information about me. Instead now and then I will post interesting technical information that I came across while developing programs. So in most cases that will be programming […]

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