About Me

Until September 2014, I have studied Media Computer Science at the Dresden University of Technology. Besides others, I primarily focussed on the field of Computer Graphics. I have participated in projects as a student assistant and helped in courses as a tutor. Currently, I am a PhD student at the chair of Computer Graphics and Visualization.

Additionally, I am one of a handful of Microsoft Student Partners in Dresden. This means that we tell students about Microsoft projects, teach them how to use Microsoft technologies and help them with their problems.

My interests lie in the field of .Net programming. A whole bunch of years ago I started programming Visual Basic. Meanwhile, I also use C#, C++ and other languages like PHP and Java. More specifically I’m interested in DirectX programming and with that, of course, comes interest in programming games. I also developed some XNA and Kinect applications. But those are mainly for teaching purposes and I do not use them productively.

Here’s a selection of certifications I’ve earned so far:

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

MTA Database, Software Development and Windows Development Fundamentals

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