Rendering sprites and text with SlimDX / DX 11

Up to versions 9 of DirectX, the API contained quite broad support for 2D rendering. However, in DirectX 10 this has become less and in DirectX 11 there is virtually no support for drawing sprites and text on the screen. However, most DirectX applications need some kind of 2D rendering to display a graphical user interface to allow the user to interact with the scene.

That’s why I decided to create a library that takes care of all this stuff. The library is open source and should be pretty easy to use. Comments are desirable. The whole project is hosted at CodePlex: SlimDX Sprite Text Renderer on CodePlex. I would really appreciate, if many developers take a look at it. Up to now, the project is in a beta phase, which requires a lot of testers.

A complete documentation can be found as a compiled help file in the downloads section. Furthermore, there are some tutorials in the CodePlex documentation section.


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